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This is great stuff. But if you're going to make up a quote, at least spell my name properly.

   -Stephen Spellberg

clarity. polish. vision.

These are words which you might attribute to glasses, the use of which can help in reading Brent's scripts if you've spent a lifetime staring at a computer screen. Most often, these scripts follow Brent's brand focus of comedies about questionable characters making terrible decisions.

He has two series pilots on grossly unqualified employees faking it till they make it - whether it's because they won't admit to their mistakes, or won't admit to their desires. He also has his four features about characters getting wrapped up in schemes way beyond what they intended and needing to find their ways out of a mess.

In Brent's spare time, he's a highly qualified senior economist and data scientist with nearly fifteen years experience in the Canadian public service, nearly fifteen years experience as a devoted husband, and a much shorter but significantly more intense seven years as a dad. He's also an avid traveler, an addicted gamer, a reluctant weight-lifter, and a carpenter when necessary.

Brent's loves meeting new people and working on set, so connect at the links below and let's make something awesome!

Rep: Mike de Trana, Anvil Entertainment.

deal with the devin

Comedy with light horror elements.

When a small town satanic cult accidentally summons a conman named Devin in lieu of the Devil, he's stuck between fulfilling their demands or being sacrificed. All while his betrothed virgin bride balances her devotion to the cult and her ambition to take it over.

Available by request.



Tired of dream homes selling beyond their budget, two expectant parents commit crimes in their desired neighbourhood to drive down house prices.

Available by request.



When a dejected insurance agent falls for her dead ex’s clone but learns that he’s still alive, she needs to hide the clone, kill the ex, or find some other way to escape her clandestine employer responsible for the secretive cloning process.

Available on Coverfly.

Odyssey of the Safekeeper

Sci-fi thriller/horror. Written in partnership with Alino Giraldi.

Bound by fate, two wayfarers traverse a deadly wasteland, simulated from their subconscious, to unlock an artifact capable of recovering lost memories while evading capture by the land’s tyrannical rulers and its unseen horrors.

Available on Coverfly.

fermat's [not quite] last theorem

Historical fiction sci-fi action-comedy. That's a lot of genres.

Seventeenth century mathematician Pierre de Fermat joins some of history's greatest minds to save reality from a time-travelling tech executive aiming to salvage his struggling videogame venture with the world's most advanced physics engine.

Available on Coverfly.

[confidence, man]

Comedy. Parks and Recreation x Corner Gas.

After two novice bureaucrats show up to survey the wrong town, they're forced to maintain an ever-evolving scam both to keep cushy jobs they hate, and also to stay out of prison.

Available on Coverfly.


Comedy. The Office x New Girl.

After a workaholic gets herself and her three overspending housemates fired, they juggle precarious jobs and relationships in order to keep a roof over their heads. Maybe.

Available on Coverfly.

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