The "J" stands for BRAND MANAGEMENT

I can't believe how rich I am after hiring Brent!

   -Future you


We want to be thought leaders. We want our brands to stand out. We want to develop a genuine connection with our customers.

So we put out white papers, blog posts, social media campaigns, etc. And eventually, people want to talk. Customers want to engage.

Lots of organizations have outsourced this to ChatGPT - which is great, if you're okay with sounding like a robot (and like your competitors). But I know we can do better.

Our executive content marketing consultation services, aimed at those of us who want our brands to have a unique voice, a distinct style, and a genuine persona - will connect with your customers and in a way that they'll remember.

Our services, specific to your unique goals, include:

And all services include:

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"I am delighted to endorse Brent Pollard, a distinguished executive consultant whose expertise in economics and journalism has been invaluable since our days at Statistics Canada in 2010. 

Brent stands out for his exceptional ability to communicate complex concepts through his adept writing, enriching various client projects with clarity and insight. His quick adaptation to new challenges and unwavering dedication as a colleague have made him an indispensable asset in our professional endeavors."
-Sarjun Gharib, Founder at Knowledge Based Consulting