The "J" stands for brand management

I wept.


A good-looking guy

clarity. polish. vision.

These are words which you might attribute to glasses, the use of which can help in reading Brent's scripts if you've spent a lifetime staring at a computer screen. Most often, these scripts follow Brent's brand focus of comedies about questionable characters making terrible decisions.

He has two series pilots on grossly unqualified employees faking it till they make it - whether it's because they won't admit to their mistakes, or won't admit to their desires. He also has his four features about characters getting wrapped up in schemes way beyond what they intended and needing to find their ways out of a mess.

In Brent's spare time, he's a highly qualified senior economist and data scientist with nearly fifteen years experience in the Canadian public service, nearly fifteen years experience as a devoted husband, and a much shorter but significantly more intense seven years as a dad. He's also an avid traveler, an addicted gamer, a reluctant weight-lifter, and a carpenter when necessary.

Brent's loves meeting new people and working on set, so connect at the links below and let's make something awesome!

Rep: Mike de Trana, Anvil Entertainment.